Pulastic SP Track 160

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Introducing Pulastic SP 160, a premium surface engineered for indoor running-spike usage, designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. Its spike proof and highly shock absorbent properties make it an excellent choice for professional and non-professional indoor track and field usage. The system is made up of a 10mm shock pad combined with our GM/SP resin, providing one of the world’s most comfortable, shock absorbent and puncture-proof surfaces. In addition to its primary use, Pulastic SP 160is a versatile surface that can be used for various purposes. This system is the preferred choice and standard for competition track construction, ensuring that athletes have the best possible experience during competitions.


  • Pulastic SP Track 160 is approved according to
    the EN 14904 Standard and Indoor Athletics EN
    14877 Standard- Category P2
  • Approved by FIBA and IHF, and meets the
    technical requirements of IAAF
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and
    CSR Level 3 (ISO 26000)
  • Spike proof and outstanding resiliency for comfort
    and injury prevention
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for
    easy maintenance, repair and resurfacing options
  • Water based finish for low odor emissions during
    installation and maximum indoor clean air
  • Sustainability through high content of
    recycled and rapidly renewable raw materials
  • Thicker pad provides excellent contact noise
    reduction and thermal insulation
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and wear
    resistance for optimal life cycle cost and
    maximum usability


Nominal Thickness 16 mm
Character Point-Elastic
Shock Absorption 39% — EN 14808
Vertical Deformation 2.1 mm — EN 14809
Ball Bounce 98% — EN 12235
Resistance to Rolling Load 0.14 mm — EN 1569
Resistance to Impact ≥ 800 gr @ 10 ̊C & ≥ 1200 gr @ 17 ̊C — EN 1517
Resistance to Indentation 0.50 mm @ 5 min & 0.16 mm @ 24 hrs — EN 1516
V.O.C. Content- Adhesive Solvent Free
V.O.C. Content- Finish 45 gr/lit — ASTM D 3960
Elongation at break- Structure 360% — DIN 53455
Tensile Strength- Structure 25 N/mm² — DIN 53455
Tear Strength- Structure 52 N/mm — DIN 53515
Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty with optional Extended

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